LESI Committees Overview

LESI has three types of Committees: (1) Management Committees; (2) Industry, Professional and Regional Committees; and (3) Ad Hoc Committees. 

The Management Committees that provide administrative support for LESI day-to-day operations and core activities.

The Industry, Professional and Regional Committees which serve as the gateway to membership and participation in LES

Both the Management Committees as well as the Industry, Professional and Regional Committees of LESI are "Permanent" Committees established and operating under the LESI By-Laws.

The Ad Hoc Committees or Working Groups addressing new initiatives of the Board.

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Management committees

The Management Committees are:

Responsible for reviewing the financial records and reports of the Society at the end of each fiscal year, reporting to the Board of Delegates on the results of its annual review, and advising the Treasurer and the Board of Delegates with regard to modifications and improvements to the financial record-keeping and reporting systems of the Society.

Responsible for reviewing the qualifications of candidates for awards of honor or appreciation, including the gold medal award, of LESI and making recommendations as to whether and to whom such awards should be granted.

Responsible for communications between and among LESI, LES Member Societies, and LES members worldwide. The tasks include maintaining and developing the LESI Website and the publication and dissemination of Les Nouvelles. The Committee activities facilitate the wide dissemination of the discussions and deliberations of LESI and its committees and an exchange of information on matters of interest related to licensing.

Responsible for the development and delivery of educational programs and materials of LESI, as well as of the LES Member Societies. Its tasks include the training of trainers and development of materials for courses and co-operating with other institutions in the development and dissemination of educational materials.

Responsible for receiving, reviewing, reporting on and making recommendations as to requests for funding from the LESI Endowment Fund that would be beneficial to the general membership of the LES Member Societies.

External Relations
Responsible for establishing and maintaining LESI's contacts and relations with external organizations, in particular, international agencies and organizations, of interest to LESI to further the Society's goals.

Responsible for devising and advising on strategies for the investment(s) of LESI funds.

IP Maintenance
Responsible for the registration and maintenance of the intellectual property of LESI.  This includes devising and implementing standards for the use of the LESI's trademarks, logo and other intellectual property, monitoring compliance and responsibility for enforcement of LESI's intellectual property rights.

Responsible for advising the officers and delegates regarding legal matters relevant to the business and programs of LES International and makes recommendations to the Board of Delegates.

Long Range Planning
Responsible for continuously examining the goals, objectives, roles and activities of LES International, as well as on the needs of the Member Societies, and to make recommendations on the structure, functioning and operations of LESI.

Responsible for receiving, reviewing and providing recommendations as to bids for  International Conference meeting sites, as well as any other meetings designated by the International President to the Board of Directors and the Board of Delegates, and for establishing guidelines as to how International Conferences should be organized and conducted. The Meetings Committee also assists the individual societies in connection with the planning, organizing and running of International Conferences.

Responsible for receiving, reviewing and providing recommendations on the admission to and continued membership in LESI as an LES member society, for assisting LES Member Societies in their activities and for providing assistance in the organization and operations of national and regional professional organizations for eventual application to become an LES Member Society.

Responsible for evaluating and nominating the candidates to be officers of LESI and for helping and advising the President and the President-Elect in the selection of committee members and chairpersons.

Responsible for providing direction and management of publications by LESI with a view to maximizing the value of publications to members so as to attract and maintain membership.

Industry, professional and regional committees

The Industry, Professional and Regional Committees are:

The America's Committee provides a forum for promoting networking among its members, sponsorship of  appropriate educational activities and keeping LES members worldwide abreast of the developments and events involving the licensing of intellectual property and the transfer of technology in the America's.

The Asia Pacific Committee seeks to promote and enhance cooperation and collaboration among the LESI societies in one of the most dynamic regions of the world today by sharing information, resources, and experiences, through regional activities, joint society activities, networking and creating more opportunities to build valuable relationships.

Chemicals, Environment, Energy, and Materials
The Chemicals, Environment, Energy, and Materials Committee serves as a focal point for the members of the oil, petrochemical, chemical, polymers, renewable energy, and associated industries by, inter alia, promoting networking among its members and sponsoring educational activities such as workshops, lectures, and seminars.

Consumer Products
The Consumer Product Committee provide LESI and its constituent Member Societies with information and content in the Consumer Products field, such as the control and monitoring of IP assets with new tools like web monitoring and brand protection through product serialization. The Committee also deals with licensing-related practices such as franchising, merchandising and sponsoring.

Copyright Licensing
The Copyright Licensing Committee provides LESI and its constituent Member Societies with information about copyright licensing and its impact on company activities around the world and how they are affected by local law provisions and court precedents.

Dispute Resolution
The Dispute Resolution Committee monitors, studies and reports on developments in the Dispute Resolution field, including ordinary civil disputes as well as alternative dispute resolution (e.g., Arbitration and Mediation) throughout the world.

The European Committee keeps abreast of developments in EU laws, cases, regulations, trade agreements and other matters relevant for licensing and tech transfer in the EU and to foster mutually beneficial relationships with the EU Commission, the EPO and OHIM, including through submissions to these bodies.

High Growth Technology Business
The HTB Committee (formerly HGE Task Force), through programs and case studies, highlight intellectual assets as a key value driver for business decision makers as well as IP professionals in SMEs. The committee coordinates with EPO Patent Academy’s HTB initiative (see the HTB community on LinkedIn which provides links to the various program and related information shared to date.)

High Technology
The Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications Committee and the Engineering, Transportation and Physical Sciences Committee have merged to form the High Technology Committee. This committee includes professionals working for companies, research institutions, service providers, and organizations associated with advanced new technologies in the physical sciences including consumer electronics, software, information technology, digital content, telecommunications, nanotechnology, semiconductors, mobile devices, transportation, aerospace, automotive and other electrical and mechanical systems.

Technology Transfer Committee
The Technology Transfer Committee (TTC) is an LESI Professional Committee that serves as the focal point for experts involved in relations and transactions related to the commercialization of scientific ideas and inventions.

Innovation Trends
The Innovation Trends Committee is a horizontal and transversal organization within the structure of LESI Committees. It is responsible for monitoring the factors of change brought by innovation that significantly impact the current intellectual property framework, identifying any shortcomings, and proposing corresponding solutions.

IP Valuation
The committee will identify issues, factors and methodologies used in giving value to IP portfolios or license deals.  The goal would be to publish a practical overview of the valuation process with comments and recommendations as to approaches to such valuation.

Life Sciences
The Life Sciences Committee provides LESI and its constituent Member Societies with information and content in the Life Sciences field for educational, networking and promotion of the profession, and to encourage open dialogue among life sciences professionals.

Patent & Technology Licensing
The Patent & Technology Licensing Committee provides LES members with a focal point for the study, reflection and discussion of issues relevant to patent and technology licensing that cut across various industrial sectors, as well as a platform for participating in and promoting LESI's activities, and in particular its educational activities, relating to patent and technology licensing.

SDG IP Index
The SDG-IP Index Committee is a horizontal and transversal organization within the structure of LESI Committees focused on creating and maintaining an IP Index for innovative companies employing Sustainable Business Development (SDG) goals. It is responsible for defining a worldwide recognized framework to identify, recognize and help improve companies’ best practices to align their IP management strategy and outcomes to their Sustainable Development Goals.

Trademarks, Designs, and Merchandising
The mission of the Trademarks, Designs, and Merchandising Committee is to provide LES members with a focal point for the study, reflection and discussion of issues relevant to trademarks, characters, designs and merchandising, as well as a platform for participating in and promoting LESI's activities, and in particular its educational activities, relating to trademarks, characters, designs and merchandising and the licensing thereof.

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