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This Working Group will assess interest by current and potential individual members in LES Member Societies to network regarding the provision of intellectual property strategic advisory services. This Working Group will also review emerging new organizations seeking to provide similar content specific to IP strategy professionals and report recommendations to the LESI Board to accommondate such interests.

1.      An article written by Paul Germeraad along with Arvin Patel; titled “The New IP Strategy Agenda” was published in the June 2013 issue of les Nouvelles.  We thank Paul Germeraad for this contribution.

2.      A Workshop was conducted at the recently concluded LES Asia Pacific Conference at Hangzhou China from Oct 15 to 17. Chaired by Prof Heinz Goddar and Prof Paul Liu. Topic: IP Strategy in Growing Economies. Speakers: Otto Licks [Brazil] , Subramaniam Vutha [India], Liangcai Huang, [China], Philip Pla [South Africa] Sergey Dorofeev [Russia]. This Workshop was possible mainly because of unstinted support, guidance and help from Prof Dr. Heinz Goddar.

3.      In terms of the goals set by former LESI President Kevin Nachtrab we need to have at least one more workshop. The latter will be done at the LESI international Conference at  Moscow in May 2014, again thanks to Prof Goddar and to Sergey Dorofeev of LES Russia.

4.      LES Members are requested to contribute articles on various aspects of IP Strategy to les Nouvelles under the aegis of this Committee.

Committee Leadership



  • Richard Buttrick (LES Britain & Ireland) [Co-Chair IP Management WG]
  • Elvir Causevic (LES USA/Canada) [Co-Chair IP Management WG]
  • Robert Harrison (LES Germany) [Co-Chair IP Finance WG]
  • Rajesh Halipur (LES India) [Co-Chair IP Finance WG]
  • Russell Levine (LES USA/C) [Chair Legal Strategy WG]
  • Joseph Jennings (LES USA/Canada) [Chair, IP Deals & Transactions WG]
  • Viswanathan Seshan (LES India) [Chair IP Research & Learning WG]
  • Santosh Mohanty (LES India) [Chair IP Surveys & Comm.WG]
  • Aravind Chinchure (LES India) [Chair IP Innovation & Tech Dev. WG]

Board Liaison

  • Kevin Nachtrab (LESI Past-President)
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