Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is an LESI Management Committee responsible for advising on, and management of, the investment of the Society’s funds.


The mission of the Investment Committee is to provide sound fiscal advice to the LESI Board of Directors and the LESI Board of Delegates on the investment of LESI funds and to manage those investments.


The goals of the Investment Committee include the following:

  • Reviewing current investment policy of LESI and make recommendations relating to considering a diverse investment strategy of reserves with: (a) sufficient liquidity of LESI reserves to cover needed funds for annual operations and (b) an investment strategy that balances protection of the principal funds with sufficient diversification of the portfolio to guard against loss from a single investment.
  • Examine prospective investments of LESI funds for the year and provide the Society with its advice and recommendations thereon.
  • Populate and maintain the Committee pages on the LESI Website

Committee Leadership


Past Chairs:

  • Jim Sobieraj (LES USA/Canada)
  • Jeff Whittle (LES USA/Canada)
  • Pat O'Reilley (LES USA/Canada)

Board Liaison:

  • Mike Lasinski (LESI President-Elect)
Contact the Committee Chair - Sonja London (

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