Nominations Committee

2021-2022 Board Slate

The Nominations Committee announced the 2021-2022 slate at the IMDM. Congratulations to the following:



LES Affiliation

President John Paul
LES USA & Canada
Past President Audrey Yap

LES Singapore

President-Elect Ichiro Nakatomi
LES Japan
Secretary Pamela Cox  LES USA & Canada
Treasurer Mike Lasinki LES USA & Canada
Vice-President Sergey Dorofeev LES Russia
Vice-President Karin Hofmann
LES Austria
Vice-President José Miguel Lissen LESI Spain & Portugal
Vice-President Junko Sugimura
LES Japan

The Nominations Committee is an LESI Management Committee responsible for managing the process for the nomination of candidates for the Officers and Auditors of LESI.


The mission of the Nominations Committee is to ensure the successful operation of LESI by evaluating the Candidates for the Officers and Auditor of LESI and nominating those Candidates who are the most appropriate for the position in question.


The goals of the Nominations Committee include the following:

  • Openly soliciting nominations for the Officers and Auditors of LESI
  • Evaluating Candidates for Officers and Auditor of LESI
  • Reporting on the Nomination process and selection criteria at each annual meeting while being sensitive to and respect the privacy and reputation of all nominated candidates
  • Recommending for Nomination as an LESI Officer or Auditor those Candidates who are the most appropriate for the position in question
  • Populate and maintain the Committee pages on the LESI Website

Committee Leadership


Board Liaison:

  • Audrey Yap (LESI Immediate Past President)
Contact the Committee Chair - Audrey Yap (

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