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The Education Committee is an LESI Management Committee responsible for managing educational programs and materials of LESI, as well as those from Member Societies and further dissemination of licensing and intellectual property information to governments, organizations, institutions and individuals outside LES.


The mission of the Education Committee is to manage, devise and disseminate educational programs and materials of LES International, as well as of those from LES Member Societies. In collaboration with other institutions, the Committee must enhance the dissemination of knowledge and experience of business dealings with and related to intellectual property. This includes domestic and international licensing of intellectual property rights and transfer of technology to interested groups and persons inside and outside of LES International.


The goals of the Education Committee for 2022-2023 include the following:

  • Create Unified Education Calendar - The Education Committee is preparing a unified educational calendar for 2022/2023 that will be available on the LESI website.  This will provide the benefit of additional international publicity for events and a single point of reference for individual members and prospective members seeking educational opportunities. 
  • Develop and maintain list of trained instructors - The Education Committee is also developing a list of qualified TTT instructors for IAM 100 or 200.  These are instructors that have attended the half day TTT seminar and IAM 100 or 200.  TTT Qualified instructors will have an opportunity to list their names, pictures, and short biographies on the LESI Education Committee page as instructors potentially available to instruct at the request of a national society interested in hosting IAM 100 or 200.   
  • Exchange and Dissemination of Educational Materials  - The Education Committee also seeks to identify educational courses developed by member societies that are offered on a routine basis (i.e. once or more every 2 years).  LESI has a framework agreement for the exchange and dissemination of education materials.  If your chapter has developed educational content, please consider sharing it with other LESI national chapters under the terms of the framework agreement.
  • Collection of Improvements and Translations of IAM 100 and/or 200 – Collection of member society modified IAM 100 and/or 200 offerings including translations for addition to the collection of materials available for exchange under the framework agreement. 
  • Develop operating procedures for planning and delivering IAM 100/200 – The operating procedures will be available on the Education Committee website to guide member societies interested in delivering IAM 100/200.
  • Plan and facilitate delivery of TTT, 100 & 200 at annual and regional meetings, define planning cycle
  • Review 100 & 200 materials for areas needing updates
  • Adopt consistent nomenclature plan for course offerings
  • Evaluate potential strategic relationship with EPO and/or WIPO

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