The 2022 LES Physical Sciences (formerly CEEM) Royalty Rates & Deal Terms Survey is now open for submissions worldwide. Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) and LES USA-Canada are working together to conduct this global survey, updating the previous version which was done in 2009. Please consider participating or passing along to professional colleagues you think would be interested.

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Submission deadline: 15 November 2022

The survey results create a unique resource for LES members globally and other licensing professionals crafting their own deals -- to benchmark and keep informed on industry trends. And, the greater the participation, the more value the results are. Physical Sciences Industries include: Environmental Sciences, Chemicals, Physics, Earth Sciences, Manufacturing, Energy, Materials, and other physical sciences or engineering areas that do not fit in the recently conducted High-Tech or Life Sciences sectors survey.

Submitting your deal(s) data is easy, fast (less than 20 minutes per deal) and confidential. LES USA-Canada has again engaged Vault Consulting, LLC, a survey consulting and implementing firm, to execute the surveys and tabulate the data, to ensure the confidentiality of the raw data and information reported by the respondents. If you have any questions about the survey confidentiality, please contact LESSurveys@vaultconsulting.com or LES USA-Canada directly at membership@les.org.

Types of information requested:

  • Term, exclusivity, royalty rate, upfront and milestone payments (including triggers), equity investments, value and territories.
  • The specific asset/technology being licensed is not requested (only broad technology category is captured).
  • Each response remains completely confidential. LES does not receive any information that can identify individuals, answers, or company names. No individual survey data will be shared with any organization or entity or with members of LES staff. No product names and no company names are collected.

The final report will be available to members of any LES society globally at no cost in the fall of 2022 as a membership benefit. LES membership dues and sponsorship contributions are supporting 100% of the costs of this project. The LES Board of Directors may authorize the sale and/or distribution of the survey results to non-LES members.

Please click on the below opt-in link to participate:

Thank you for participating!


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