LESI Speakers Database

April 2020

This resource was built by the LESI professional staff to aide Societies putting together meetings and looking for engaging, LES-proven international speakers on licensing issues to include in their local programs. 

During the past few month, we have begun cataloging past meeting agendas on the LESI website so that they can be accessed in one place.  We have also built a database of past speakers at various LESI and LES meetings.  And because, often meeting planners need a local resource to identify the right speakers, we have started to network key contacts in LES Societies that could provide recommendations and references on specific individuals.

Some of these resources are static and we are continuing to update the website with past agendas.  It is a starting point and we ask for your help to pool our collective knowledge on this website.

There are three parts of this resource:

  1. Database of LES Speakers

    The LESI office has pulled together a single database of speaker from recent LESI Annual Meetings, YMC Meetings, Asia-Pacific Meetings and Pan-European Meetings (including speaker names, topics addressed and bios (when available) which can be sorted in various ways.  Contact the LESI office to access this resource at admin@lesi.org.

  2. Archive of Past LES/LESI Meeting Agendas

    We have begun archiving various agendas for LESI meeting in one place on our website:

    We will continue to add various agenda to these pages. If you have access to a PDF version of an old LES agenda not listed here, please send us a copy.

  3. LES Meeting Planners Network

    If you are planning an upcoming meeting for an LES society and need help identifying speakers or want to connect the right person in a local society (e.g., Meetings Committee Chair or Secretary), contact us.

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