National and Regional Societies

LES International is the umbrella organisation for 33 national and regional LES Member Societies.

For more information on membership and activities of a particular society, please click on the Member Society of your choice in the list on the right and the corresponding details will appear. 

If your country/region is not included, please make a choice of the ones mentioned.

LES Member Societies

There are currently 33 LES Member Societies, some of which are national and some of which are regional, each with their own website and activities. To visit any of these Member Society websites, use the links provided below.

Member Society Website Member Society Website
Andean Community Click here Israel Click here
Arab Countries Pending Italy Click here
Argentina Click here Japan Click here
Australia & New Zealand Click here Korea Click here
Austria Click here Malaysia Click here
Benelux Click here Mexico Click here
Brazil Click here Philippines Click here
Britain & Ireland Click here Poland Click here
Chile Click here Russia Click here
China Click here Scandinavia Click here
Chinese Taipei Click here Singapore Click here
Czech Republic & Slovakia Click here South Africa Click here
France Click here Spain & Portugal Click here
Germany Click here Switzerland Click here
Hungary Click here Turkey Click here
India Click here Thailand Click here
    USA & Canada Click here


Contacting your LES Member Society

The contact details of each national or regional Member Society are available on the individual websites linked above.


Regional LES websites

LES Member Societies in Europe and in Asia have also established regional websites and activities for their members.

Region Website
Europe Click here
Americas Click here
Asia Pacific Click here


Establishing a new national or regional Member Society

Thinking of establishing a new national or regional Member Society?

Check out the Membership Manual for guidelines on commitments and obligations of each Member Society.

To discuss establishing a new national or regional Member Society, contact us.

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