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  • LESI IP Valuation Committee Webinar

    Webinar | Dates: 29 – 29 Jan, 2020
    The LESI IP Valuation Committee are happy to invite you to a worldwide webinar presented by Caroline de Mareuil-Villette and Véronique Blum.

    "Qualitative Valuation and Quantitative Valuation of the Inventive Contribution of the Executive Director of a Biotech Company:  an IFRS Compliant Valuation Process."

    This new interactive session will be a deep-dive into the main features and hurdles of IP Valuation through a real case study.

    Webinar 1 - 9:30am CET (for APAC/EU)
    Webinar 2 - 3:30pm CET (for Americas/EU)

    The webinar is kindly sponsored by LES France.

    Please click here to register (you will then be sent the webinar link)

  • LESI Trademarks, Design and Merchandising Committee Webinar

    Webinar | Dates: 04 – 04 Feb, 2020

    The LESI Trademarks, Design and Merchandising Committee will be hosting a Webinar on 4th February 2020 at 5pm CET.

    Via Madrid Protocol: Strategies for Filing Extensions of International Registrations into the US and EU

    This question-and-answer session between US and EU trademark attorneys will examine the nuances and best practices associated with filing and prosecuting applications via the Madrid Protocol into each jurisdiction, with a focus on the unique aspects of prosecuting extensions of protection in the US.

    Please click here to register
    (you will then be sent the webinar link)

  • LES France "Licensing & Taxation - Finance Law 2019: One Year Later"

    Paris | Dates: 06 – 06 Feb, 2020

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    View full details & register here.
  • LES Britain & Ireland "Data as a Strategic Commercial Asset"

    Dublin | Dates: 13 – 13 Feb, 2020

    LES B&I's Irish Chapter will be hosting an evening panel session to explore some of the strategies companies are using to successfully exploit data and discuss the legal and commercial aspects of an effective data strategy; compliance, contracts and collaboration – the three Cs.

    Please join them for what is likely to be a lively discussion led by a team of expert panellists!

    More details and registration can be found here.

  • LES Britain & Ireland "Brexit: Impacts for IP, Trade & Commercialisation Agreements"

    London | Dates: 17 – 17 Feb, 2020

    LES B&I are hosting a seminar on Brexit that will provide expert practical guidance to the Intellectual Property practitioner to understand the likely post Brexit Intellectual Property rights landscape.

    View the full Program and register here.

  • 2020 Winter Planning Meeting

    Padua | Dates: 21 – 23 Feb, 2020

    LES International is pleased to announce that the 2020 Winter Planning Meeting will be held in Padua, Italy. The dates will be 21-23 February 2020.

    Registration, an agenda, the discounted hotel booking information and other weekend event details can be found here.

  • LES Brazil & Americas Committee “Licensing for Success in Changing Global Market”

    São Paulo | Dates: 19 – 20 Mar, 2020

    The event “Licensing for Success in Changing Global Market” will be organized by the LESI Americas Committee and LES Brazil. It will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, on 19-20 March 2020.

    Hot topics related to high-tech and cross border opportunities and experience in this field will be discussed, including what is going on in different legislations regarding privacy, transactional IP and technology in specific sectors, such as oil & gas, biotech and clean energy. It will be an opportunity to discuss the most relevant trends around the world regarding technology and their legal implications, to be presented by international and local speakers. There will be also an opportunity to extend the trip for a tour in Rio de Janeiro during the weekend of 21-22 March.


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  • LES France "IP and Insolvency"

    Paris | Dates: 24 – 24 Mar, 2020

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    Keep updated here.
  • LES Britain & Ireland LES100 Training Course

    London | Dates: 31 – 31 Mar, 2020

    The LES100 Training Course is kindly hosted by CIPA.

    This is the introductory course in the Licensing Executives Society’s Intellectual Asset Management Series and it is designed for those who are relatively new to licensing.

    The course will provide an overview of intellectual property and licensing, divided into five modules, with examples, exercises, and interaction between instructors and fellow students including a mock licensing negotiation.

    It is aimed at:

    • SMEs who require an introduction to licensing Intellectual Property (IP),
    • Those who are new to or considering a career in licensing and technology transfer,
    • Lawyers and Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys looking for greater familiarity with the business of IP licensing,
    • Entrepreneurs who need to understand the value of their IP,
    • Technologists who want to understand how to identify and monetise IP,
    • Those working in university technology transfer, and
    • Students interested in learning the basics of IP and how to commercialise IP through licensing.

    Read about the Modules and register here.

  • LES ANZ Annual Conference 2020

    Christchurch | Dates: 15 – 17 Apr, 2020

    "Reinvention: Fresh approaches and new beginnings"

    Inspired by the rebuilding of Christchurch, in 2020 the conference will be exploring:

    • Reinvention – how businesses are transforming what they do
    • Fresh approaches – new business models, new relationships, new ways of doing things
    • New beginnings – impact of new technologies and the how to become a unicorn
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  • 2020 LES International Management & Delegates' Meeting (IMDM)

    Berlin | Dates: 15 – 17 May, 2020

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    Registration will be opening soon.
  • 2020 LES International Annual Conference

    Berlin | Dates: 17 – 19 May, 2020

    Licensing specialists from a diverse, global community of practitioners from companies, law firms and institutions involved in licensing IP come together for cutting edge sessions and networking events at our incredible conference venue, the historic postal train station in the center of Berlin: Station Berlin.

    Increase your knowledge about novel trends and insights in the licensing community together with us at the LESI Annual Conference 2020.

    View the official conference website here.

  • LES France's 50th Anniversary!

    Paris | Dates: 17 – 17 Sep, 2020

    Save the Date to celebrate LES France's Anniversary!

    Full details will be posted here.
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