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  • LES Spain-Portugal "Q&A with a Patent Examiner from the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office"

    Virtual | Dates: 13 – 13 May, 2021

    The objective of this event is to give participants the possibility to have direct contact with an OEPM examiner and the opportunity to delve into more particular aspects, as well as to clear the usual doubts that may arise when processing an application with the OEPM, on the operation of the OEPM, and so on.

    An introductory presentation is planned prior to the Q&A session. The session will deal in particular with the Guidelines for reviewing Applications for Utility Models.

    The Q&A will be held in Spanish.

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  • LES South Africa "IP Management in Joint Ventures between Multinationals"

    Virtual | Dates: 13 – 13 May, 2021

    Join LES South Africa's Environment, Energy, Materials and Chemicals (CEEM) and High
    Technology Committees for an afternoon talk on 13 May at 4:30pm - 5:30pm SAST.

    Dr. Elmar Muller will be addressing:
    • How is IP managed going into a JV, during the life of a JV and after break-up?
    • What are possible pitfalls?
    • How is the IP managed in an advanced technology scenario where the technology changes during the duration of the JV?
    • The importance of defining IP management at the inception of the JV.
    • What happens to the IP developed in the JV after break-up?

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  • LES France "Essential Patents China: A New Playground in the Essential Patent War?"

    Virtual | Dates: 18 – 18 May, 2021

    Standard Essential patent litigation is on the rise in China. This phenomenon cannot be ignored in the context of an international litigation strategy.

    LES France's panelists will review most recent cases in order to expose the stakes and measure their impact in an international context.

    To discuss this burning topic, LES France will be joined by:

    • Eeva Hakoranta: Executive Vice President and Chief Licensing Officer, InterDigital (Helsinki, Finland)
    • Jing Xu: Partner, King&Wood Mallesons (Beijing, China)
    • Heloise Cowderoy: Ph.D fellow at the University of Strasbourg
    • Julia Dias, Senior IP Policy Counsel, Huawei (United Kingdom)

     Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan (Bird & Bird) will moderate the panel.

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  • 2021 LES International Management & Delegates' Meeting (IMDM)

    Virtual | Dates: 19 – 19 May, 2021

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  • LES Spain-Portugal "Patent Litigation in China"

    Virtual | Dates: 20 – 20 May, 2021

    In this seminar, the speakers will chat about the Chinese Patent Court System. The Chinese Patent Court System has changed a lot over the last 10 years and established specialised courts. The speakers will talk about the different instances, available venues and damages, high profile cases, etc.

    - Dragon Wang, Founding and managing partner of SITAO IP. Dragon is Patent attorney qualified by CNIPA, and Patent litigator qualified by Supreme People’s Court of China.

    - Jordi Ilario, COO and Vice President, Licensing at Fractus and Vice President of LES Spain and Portugal.

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  • LES Spain-Portugal "The Data Economy and its Impact on Technology Transfer"

    Virtual | Dates: 25 – 25 May, 2021

    Since the EU began its journey in 2015 to create a data economy in Europe, we continue to build with it. In the meantime, the industry is already trying to carry out operations but there is a lack of a legal framework appropriate to the situation, although one can already see what may be the fundamental lines by which this new technology transfer market will be governed.

    The objective of this webinar is to explain what is the European model of data economics, versus Chinese and North American, which cases and situations are taking place right now and what are some of the business models based on the data economy.

    This webinar will be held in Spanish.

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  • 2021 LES International (Virtual) Annual Meeting

    Virtual | Dates: 27 – 28 May, 2021

    Let’s Innovate: Maximizing the Value of Innovation in an Era of Convergence

    The theme for this year’s meeting is “Maximizing the Value of Innovation in an Era of Convergence.” Sessions will look at where the most important innovation is occurring and highlight -- through speakers and case studies -- some of those responsible for and leading this innovation.

    This year we will focus on technologies and industries converging to create new products, new markets and new licensing models:

    • How the automotive industry is converging with the communications industry,
    • How the healthcare industry is converging with artificial intelligence, and
    • How the pandemic is accelerating this convergence and change
    For more information on our 24-hour marathon of content, please visit the Conference website
  • LES Scandinavia’s 50 Years’ Anniversary Conference

    Helsinki | Dates: 20 – 20 Sep, 2021

    This conference is a must for innovators, licensing and IP experts, technologists, lawyers and business leaders. It is for those who want to deepen their understanding on technology trends, licensing business and various forms of intellectual property. And for those who want to network with recognized experts and colleagues in an international setting in a lovely venue in seaside Helsinki, Finland.

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  • LESI Virtual Pan-European Conference

    Virtual | Dates: 05 – 06 Oct, 2021

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    LES Hungary are happy to inform that they will be organizing this year's Virtual Pan-European Conference on 5-6 October 2021. The topic of the conference is "Sharing is Caring: Pooling IP Assets for Greater Efficiency".

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  • LES France's 50th Anniversary!

    Paris | Dates: 29 – 29 Nov, 2021

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    Full details will be posted here.
  • 2022 LES International Annual Meeting

    Venice | Dates: 08 – 10 May, 2022

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    More information will be posted soon.

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