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  • LESI & LES USA-Canada "Recognizing the Growing Economic Impact of Patent Licensing"

    Virtual | Dates: 21 – 29 Sep, 2020

    LESI and LES USA & Canada are co-sponsoring this webinar along with the Innovation Alliance, AUTM, GIPC and IPWatchdog taking place on September 21, 24 and 29, 2020.

    Patent licensing is a major driver of economic growth in the United States. Over the course of this three-day webinar, the world’s leading experts in licensing will convene to discuss the methodology used for collecting economic data on licensing and whether it sufficiently highlights its growing contribution to the U.S. economy. 

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  • LES France "Intellectual Property and Transfer Pricing"

    Paris | Dates: 29 – 29 Sep, 2020

    The issue of transfer pricing is particularly important in the area of intellectual property: licensing, assignment or transfer of IP rights ... are subject to rules that may seem strange.

    This meeting will shed a first light on a complex subject and will illustrate it with some examples.
    The speakers will be:
    - Delphine Bessot (Yves Rocher Group Tax Director)
    - Benjamin Lichtle (lawyer, Bird & Bird)
    - André Gorius (IP Valorisation, Spinnove)

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  • LESI & 4iP Council "Managing your Intellectual Property"

    Virtual | Dates: 29 – 29 Sep, 2020

    You understand and appreciate the value of your intellectual property and intangible assets. But what is the optimal way of making sure these prime assets work in your business setting? This webinar will draw upon the themes of LESI's recent business briefing on managing intellectual property.

    Presented by members of the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI):
    Don Drinkwater, Director of Licensing, Bose Corporation, Boston.
    Jim Malackowski, Chief Executive Officer, Ocean Tomo, LLC, Chicago; and
    Nikos Minas, European Patent Attorney, Hanna Moore and Curley, Dublin.

    Read more & register here.

  • LES Philippines "Back-to-School: Studying the IUGT Pandemic" Response 2

    Virtual | Dates: 01 – 01 Oct, 2020

    Save the date to join LES Philippines for Part 2 of their "Back-to-School: Studying the IUGT Pandemic" webinar.

    Programme and registration to follow soon.
  • LES France Life Sciences: Connected Health Conference

    TBC | Dates: 06 – 06 Oct, 2020

    Save the Date!

    More information coming soon.
  • LESI Americas Committee "Technology and Pandemic Opportunities with Recent Changes from Local LES Societies’ Perspectives"

    Virtual | Dates: 06 – 08 Oct, 2020

    LESI Americas Committee are hosting a 2-day webinar on “Technology and Pandemic Opportunities with Recent Changes from Local LES Societies’ Perspectives”.

    -October 6th (Panel 1) Moderator - Hilton Sue (LES USA/Canada); and Industry/LES representatives from USA/Canada, Mexico, and Brazil)
    -October 8th (Panel 2) Moderator - Renzo Scavia (LES Andes); and Industry LES representatives from Chile, Andes, and Argentina)

    Both panels will take place at 10:00am - 11:30am ET.

    More information coming soon.

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  • LES Malaysia & WIPO "Licensing and Commercialization of IP Rights"

    Virtual | Dates: 07 – 07 Oct, 2020

    Save the Date!

    More details coming soon.
  • LES USA & Canada 2020 Annual Meeting

    Virtual | Dates: 15 – 20 Oct, 2020

    "Protecting and Commercializing Future Technologies"
    Join LES USA & Canada for a digital gathering where you will gain the insight, knowledge, and connections that you have come to expect from LES, in a new and exciting way.

    They are using the latest technology to deliver a thought-provoking program of high-quality intellectual property and licensing content to help you in your job. Log into any of the 30+ live and on-demand sessions and participate in peer-to-peer discussion groups.

    Read more & register here.

  • LESI Dispute Resolution Committee "Report on Key Findings of LESI’s Comparative Study on International Design Protection & Enforcement"

    Virtual | Dates: 15 – 15 Oct, 2020

    LESI’s Dispute Resolution Committee has published a comprehensive comparative study regarding design law in different jurisdictions as a special edition of Les Nouvelles in Spring 2020. The study is pursued by internationally renowned design law experts and covers the international design systems of the WIPO and the EUIPO as well as the national design laws of ten jurisdictions, namely CA, CN, DE, IN, JP, KR, MX, TR, UK and the US. Thereby, the individual chapters also addresses major recent developments, such as Brexit and the extensive revision of the Japanese design law.  

    The webinar will report on the most important findings of the study and discuss current trends in global design law.

    More information coming soon.
  • LES Asia Pacific Conference

    Virtual | Dates: 22 – 23 Oct, 2020
    Save the Date!

    More information coming soon.
  • LES Britain & Ireland Annual Conference 2020

    Virtual | Dates: 03 – 03 Nov, 2020

    LES B&I are happy to announce that their 2020 Annual Conference will now take place virtually in November!

    Join LES B&I for a webinar featuring invited panellists and a Q&A session to discuss how to position your company for investment.

    Issues to be covered:
    –What does a venture capitalist look for when prospecting investment? Identifying the key areas to set up your business for investment.
    –What to expect when contracting with regulated organisations.  Becoming prepared for signing major agreements.  Understanding the contractual landscape and setting up your business to ensure compliance.
    –IP ownership and positioning for investment. Identifying and protecting your company’s core IP assets and maximising them for investment.

    Read more & register here.

  • LES Britain & Ireland LES100 Training Course

    London | Dates: 06 – 06 Nov, 2020

    The LES100 Training Course is kindly hosted by CIPA.

    This is the introductory course in the Licensing Executives Society’s Intellectual Asset Management Series and it is designed for those who are relatively new to licensing.

    The course will provide an overview of intellectual property and licensing, divided into five modules, with examples, exercises, and interaction between instructors and fellow students including a mock licensing negotiation.

    It is aimed at:

    • SMEs who require an introduction to licensing Intellectual Property (IP),
    • Those who are new to or considering a career in licensing and technology transfer,
    • Lawyers and Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys looking for greater familiarity with the business of IP licensing,
    • Entrepreneurs who need to understand the value of their IP,
    • Technologists who want to understand how to identify and monetise IP,
    • Those working in university technology transfer, and
    • Students interested in learning the basics of IP and how to commercialise IP through licensing.

    Read about the Modules and register here.

  • LES ANZ Annual Conference 2020

    Christchurch | Dates: 07 – 09 Apr, 2021

    Reinvention: Fresh Approaches and New Beginnings

    The LESANZ 2020 annual conference will be held in the recently restored Christchurch Town Hall. The venue sustained significant damage from the 2011 earthquakes and has recently reopened. The surrounding events and entertainment precinct has undergone three years of restoration work.

    Inspired by the rebuilding of Christchurch, in 2020 the conference will be exploring:

    • Reinvention – how businesses are transforming what they do
    • Fresh approaches – new business models, new relationships, new ways of doing things
    • New beginnings – impact of new technologies and how to become a unicorn
    Click here for full details & registration.
  • 2021 LES International Management & Delegates' Meeting (IMDM)

    Seoul | Dates: 28 – 30 May, 2021
    Save the Dates!
  • 2021 LES International Annual Conference

    Seoul | Dates: 30 May – 01 Jun, 2021
    Save the Dates!

    Visit the website for more information here.
  • LES France's 50th Anniversary!

    Paris | Dates: 16 – 16 Sep, 2021

    Save the Date to celebrate LES France's Anniversary!

    Full details will be posted here.
  • LES Scandinavia Annual Conference 2020 - POSTPONED

    Postponed | Dates: 20 – 20 Sep, 2021

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, LES Scandinavia's Conference is being postponed until September 2021.

    More information on the rescheduled date will be posted soon.

    Click here to visit the conference website.

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