LESI Innovation Award

In 2022, LESI launched the LESI Innovation Award, with the aim to identify accomplishments and present awards for the benefit of discussion in the LES global community. Previous winners can be found below.

We invite LES members and the public to submit nominations for this year’s award which will be announced in Madrid at LESI2024 (view the guidelines here).
The deadline is 31 December 2023. 

LES members and other (non-member) licensing professionals globally are invited to submit nominations. The goal of this award is to highlight recent case studies in innovations and licensing -– to recognize innovative approaches in licensing technology that lead to long-term market innovations and differentiation and can be discussed globally within our LES community. Higher scores will be given to inclusive and impact-driven deals. The winner and a subset of the nominees will be used as learning tools to be shared with and discussed by LES members to understand the elements that contributed to the success of the nominee.

Upon recommendation of the LESI Awards Committee the year it was launched, this award will be administered by the LESI Innovation Trends Committee.

The main criteria for the LESI Innovation Award are as follows:

  1. The value created by the innovation -- Solid invention value creation process. Preference will be given to more collaboration in the ideation of the IP and multiple IPR and human actor competency assessments;
  2. The Market Value of the Innovation -- Teamwork and partnerships, beyond R&D, market value and IP – more credit is given to anticipatory planning and activation;
  3. Conduct of Contractual Arrangements – a comprehensive value chain analysis (from raw materials to consumers) is given more points; and
  4. Alignment with Trends / Focus Areas Identified by LESI - the more factors of change affected (New Tech, New Actors, New Context, New Products, EEAM, Trade Secrets), the more points given.

Please carefully review the criteria and the detailed guidelines provided HERE and consider submitting a nomination. All nominations must be submitted by 31 December 2023 to:


The award will be announced at the LESI 2024 Annual Conference in Madrid, Spain, 28-30 April 2024.

Past LESI Innovation Award Winners:

Will be presented at LESI2024
(in Madrid, Spain)

Presented at LESI2023
(in Montreal, Canada)

Presented at LESI2022
(in Venice, Italy)


Large Enterprise:

Small Enterprise:

Research Institution:
Philippine Rice Institute

Large Enterprise: 
Northrop Grumman

Small Enterprise:
ceramic 3D printing

** Links to videos were played during the LESI Annual Conference