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National Presidents Council

The National Presidents Council (NPC) is an on-going effort of current and former Society National Presidents to share best practices for Society management and recommend new initiatives to the LESI Board for overall organizational growth and increased value to members broadly defined.  The NPC is anticipated to meet with the LESI Board and LESI Past Presidents at the Annual Planning Meeting, the IMDM following the LESI Annual Conference and the IMDM following the LES USA/Canada Annual Meeting.


  • To function as a non-profit professional society encouraging high professional standards among individuals engaged in the transfer and licensing of technology and industrial or intellectual property rights.

  • To assist its members in improving their skills and techniques in licensing through self education, the conduct of special studies and research, the sponsorship of educational meetings, the publication of statistics, reports, articles and other material, and the exchange of ideas related to domestic and foreign licensing.

  • To inform the public, international bodies, governmental bodies, and the business community concerning the economic significance of licensing and the high professional standards of those engaged in the licensing profession.

  • To make available to its members the latest, most accurate, information on licensing.


Committee Leadership

Chair – Determined for each meeting by the NPC.

Past meetings:

  • 2011 San Diego Retreat – James E. Malackowski
  • 2012 Planning Meeting Geneva – Arnaud Michel
  • 2012 Auckland IMDM – Peter Hess
  • 2012 Toronto IMDM – Francois Painchaud
  • 2013 GTIF Geneva - Mark Wilson

Upcoming Meeting:

  • To be determined

Board Liaison

  • Kevin Nachtrab  (LESI Past-President)

Past President Advisor

  • Adam Liberman  (LES Australia/New Zealand)

Results of the two day National President's Council Retreat in San Diego in October 2011 resulted in the following projects for consideration (ranked from 1 to 4 stars based on perceived value contribution upon completion balanced against required effort).  The opportunities identified generally were group either as a means to harness best practices or solicit input for improving interactions with LESI:

Best Practice Documentation

  1. Development of "LESI Guidelines on Society Cooperation" including meetings, mentoring, etc. ****
  2. Prepare a "Best Practices Guide for National Presidents" including motivational techniques to further engage members of local Society Boards and Committees, recommendations for new media, recruiting new members, Society communications, etc. ***
  3. Assess historical success and summarize in a "What Works" guide to repeat success ***

Improving Interaction

  1. Assessment of the impact of the LES volunteer culture including determination of vehicles to harness this culture as well as the limitations it presents. 
  2. Preparation of a "LES Code of Conduct, Policy and Procedures Manual" including a description of commitment expected from members who accept leadership positions **1/2
  3. Organize and offer former NPC leadership training (NPC Bootcamp) ***
  4. Recommendations for improvement to IMDM and Board meeting structures ***
  5. Updated description of LESI benefits ****1/2
  6. LESI SWOT analysis with NPC input to Long Range Planning Committee based on SWOT analysis ****1/2
  7. Development of more robust recognition rewards for service  ***1/2
  8. Develop a multinational company membership drive ****
  9. Develop a plan for start-up outreach to expand and diversify membership *