Americas Committee

The Americas Committee is an LESI Regional Committee that serves as the focal point for the members of the licensing profession involved with the licensing and technology transfer in the America's.


The mission of the America’s Committee is to promote the licensing profession in the America’s, by, inter alia, promoting networking among its members, sponsoring appropriate educational activities such as workshops, lectures, and seminars, monitoring legal developments in the region and identifying and collaborating on problem areas of concern to, and major new developments in, professionals in this region.


The goals of the America's Committee for 2019-2020 include the following:

  • Webinars: To organize and put on one Webinar in accordance with a schedule for inclusion in a proposed monthly LESI Webinar series.
  • Les Nouvelles Articles: To organize and sponsor at least one article for publication in Les Nouvelles.
  • Workshops: To organize and put on three Workshops at the LESI International Conference or at one of the following regional Conferences/Meetings: USA/Canada Annual Meeting, the Asia-Pacific Meeting, Pan-European Conference or a regional Latin American LES Meeting.
  • Young Members Program: To organize, implement and maintain a Program to include/increase the knowledge of the Committee among young members and the active participation of young members in the Committees activities. This is to be done in conjunction with the Young Members Congress.
  • Website: To populate, maintain and keep the Committee pages on the LESI website up-to-date.

Committee Leadership


Past Chairs:

  • Veronica Canese (LES Argentina)
  • Renzo Scavia (LES Peru)

LESI Board Liaison

  • Tatiana Campello (LESI Vice President)
Contact the Committee Chair - Paula Mena Barreto ( and Jeff Whittle (
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