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Mentoring Program

Bring forward your professional career!

Young Members Congress LES Mentoring Program

Welcome to the LES Mentoring Program (LMP) website. The LMP aims to offer Mentors and Mentees a structured forum and platform which enables them to establish, build and nurture a relationship of trust to promote mentoring in LESI and profesional matters.

We want to establish a strong number of mentors who have taken on the responsibility to mentor a mentee. A mentor will guide a mentee in all matters which are important in LESI, how it works, how to get involved, hot to progress within LESI leadership and how to best build and leverage the LESI network. Furthermore a mentor can elect to also offer a so called “Professional Mentoring”. This Professional Mentoring would involve Mentees being able to look to their mentors for advice regarding professional matters such as to resolve a particular professional challenge that the mentee is facing and/or career advice. The content of the relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee is highly individual and will not be monitored by LESI. The LMP has established a guideline which sets out the general structure of the program. The guidelines can be downloaded here.

Access to the Mentor and Mentee pages is restricted. To enter these pages Mentors and Mentees need to register by filling out the corresponding forms which are available below.

In order to connect a Mentee, they can contact a specific Mentor from the list of available Mentors. For each Mentor it is visible in their profile whether or not he/she is accepting further Mentees. The LMP believes that a maximum number of three Mentees per Mentor is the most efficient way to achieve a mentoring on a high professional level. A Mentee can ask several Mentors to be their respective Mentor but can only have one active Mentor at any given time.

The LMP is not-for-profit. Mentoring is offered as a courtesy, free of charge and without any compensation for the Mentor, neither from the Mentee nor from LESI. Young Member Congress (YMC) is currently in charge of the LMP and is looking for qualified and interested Mentors who want to broaden their personal experience to include mentoring and who want to help LESI to provide an active and attractive mentoring programme to younger LES members. We are looking forward to receiving your registrations.