Webdyn - Integrating ICT Creates Solutions For The Internet Of Things

By Pierre Ollivier

Webdyn is a EUR 4 million revenue company which was created and funded by early investors in 1997, with additional financing by venture capitalists in 2010. Located in Paris and with an export office in India, it currently has 30 employees. Its core business is to help industrial clients—mainly in the smart energy sector—to successfully implement the Internet of Things (IoT) in their operations.Webdyn offers low-consumption hardware and software components through product sales and software licensing, as well as engineering services for their implementation in automation systems. Its products Its products include IP gateways (used to connect wide area networks to local area networks), end points such as ICT concentrators (used to collect local sensorgenerated data from local area networks, aggregate them and send them through wide area communication networks).

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