Cystic Fibrosis Patents: A Case Study Of Successful Licensing

Mollie A. Minear, Cristina Kapustij, Kaeleen Boden, Subhashini Chandrasekharan and Robert Cook-Deegan

Mollie A. Minear

Duke University

Cristina Kapustij

Two Pore Guys, Inc.

Kaeleen Boden

Case Western Univ. and Duke Univ. Inst. for Genome Sciences & Policy

Subhashini Chandrasekharan

Duke University

Robert Cook-Deegan

Duke University

From 2006-2010, Duke University’s Center for Public Genomics prepared eight case studies examining the effects of gene patent licensing practices on clinical access to genetic testing for ten clinical conditions. One of these case studies focused on the successful licensing practices employed by the University of Michigan and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto for patents covering the CFTR gene and its ΔF508 mutation that causes a majority of cystic fibrosis cases.

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