Financial Considerations In International Intellectual Property Licensing Transactions

by Emile Loza, Kimberly S. Chotkowski, Scott J. Stevens, and Gregory J. Urbanchuk

Emile Loza

Kimberly S. Chotkowski

Scott J. Stevens

Gregory J. Urbanchuk

Tax consequences, payment, currency, and other financial challenges are important issues to consider when structuring international licensing agreements. Many intellectual property and other transactional attorneys, however, do not have sufficient understanding of these issues or give them appropriate consideration. This article aims to identify these issues and to suggest best practices or approaches by which to address these issues and to improve the collection of payments under international licensing agreements. By becoming more knowledgeable about the financial issues involved in international intellectual property licensing transactions, attorneys can add demonstrable value to their services to clients and correspondingly improve client satisfaction, retention and referrals.

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