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LES USA-Canada "The Current Assault on Biopharm Patents: From Biden to Geneva"

In September of 2021, India and South Africa proposed to suspend global intellectual property rights under the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Right (TRIPS) Agreement in relation to products or processes to treat, prevent, or diagnose Covid-19. The offered justifications include: (1) waiving global IP could mobilize additional available vaccine manufacturing capacity around the world; (2) existing internationally-agreed procedures for compulsory licensing of IP under the TRIPS Agreement are too slow, cumbersome, and inefficient in the current pandemic; (3) Covid vaccine and therapeutic technology was created with the help of public funding and should be freely available in the public domain; (4) existing manufacturing capacity is controlled by a few profit-driven corporations that cannot be trusted to work in the public interest and are selling their vaccine output to the highest-bidding rich countries.

This program will explore the scope of the proposed Waiver, the status of discussions in the WTO and domestically in the US, and the implications of waiving global IP rights for current and future pandemic preparedness, US competitiveness, and global trade.

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