LESI Winter Planning Meeting 2018

LESI 2018 Winter Planning Meeting

The 2018 LESI Winter Planning Meeting (WPM) was held in Vienna, Austria.

WPM Attendee List as of 12th January 2018


LESI Committees - Strategic Approach

LESI Asia-Pacific Committee

LESI Young Members Congress

LESI Education Committee

LESI Communications Committee

LESI Meetings Committee

LESI Long Range Planning Committee

LESI Membership Committee

LESI Administration Report

Thursday, 18th January 2018

Social Event (optional)

On the evening of Thursday, 18th January 2018, the delegates will have the option of attending a Viennese Ball.  For ticket availability, pricing, and other event information, please contact LES Austria's Thomas Adocker at adocker@schwarz-schoenherr.com

The Vienna Coffee House Owner´s Ball (Kaffeesiederball) takes place in the Hofburg in the evening of Thursday, Jan. 18. Costs for entrance tickets are € 150/person. With such entrance ticket, people can walk around and dance everywhere at the ball. There are seating opportunities at different bars at the ball.  Additionally, tickets for seats at specific tables can be bought. With such ticket - costs starting from € 84/person - a seat is guaranteed for the whole time of the event. 

Please note the strict dress code: long ball gowns for the ladies and tuxedos/black tie or tailcoats/white tie for the gentlemen.

LESI´s theme for 2018-2019:

Creating a Global IP Culture that is: Open for Business!

 WPM Theme:

"How Can We Contribute To Your Society's success"


  • Board of Directors and Counsels
  • National Presidents (and representatives)
  • International Committee Leaders: Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Co-Chairs
  • LESI Past Presidents
  • Special guests and speakers



Friday, 19 January 2018

House of Industry, Schwarzenbergplatz 4, 1031 Vienna

10:00 am - 6:00 pm LES Austria hosting the LES CEE Meeting (a joint Meeting of the following LES Societies: LES Austria, LES Czech Republic, LES Hungary, LES Poland)
- Room: Kleiner Festsaal, 1st Floor
12:00 pm - 4:30 pm LESI Board Meeting and [Lunch with Presidents of Turkey, Poland, Malaysia] [Board only]
6:00 pm - 8:00pm Cocktail Reception with the LES CEE Meeting attendees and LES members attending the WPM
Special thank you from the LESI President, LESI President-Elect and LES Austria President
- Room: House of Industry Foyer, 1st Floor

Saturday, 20 January 2018 (8:30 am – 5:30 pm)

Vienna Marriot Hotel, Parkring 12a, 1010 Vienna
Room: Palais Sachsen Coburg

8:30 am Welcome and Overview of the Agenda
Peter K. Hess – LESI President
François Painchaud - LESI President-Elect
8:45 am Topic 1 LESI's State of Affairs - A discussion on prior WP meetings, LESI focus and on means for advancing the LES family and brand.
  • Presenter and Introduction: François Painchaud
    • Joining Hands
    • Value Proposition
    • Next steps
  • Finances - Key financial elements to consider for the next years (current financial picture, membership, budgetary constraints)
    • Moderator: Brian O'Shaughnessy
    • LESI Treasurer: John Paul
    • LESI Investment Committee Chair: Jim Sobieraj and Yorikatsu Hohokabe
  • Long Range Planning Committee - What now, what's next? (Update on the; Recommendations on the LESI Top Strategic Initiatives of the last Long-Range Planning Survey and Next looking ahead)
    • Presenter: LRP Committee Chair: Sherry Rollo
  • Global Membership - How to drive membership? (Membership, Membership Survey to be added)
    • Moderators: Co-Chairs Yorikatsu Hohokabe and Heinz Goddar
    • LES USA & Canada: Bill Elkington
    • LES France : Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan
    • LES Japan: Junko Sugimura
    • LES Mexico: Hector Chagoya
    • LES Korea: KJ Kim
    • Administration - Looking ahead, what is needed to execute our plans? (resources, needs, tools etc.)
    • Co-Presenter: LESI Executive Administrator: Chris Katopis
    • Co-Presenter: LES B&I Executive Administrator: David Massey
10:00 am Topic 2 Revenue generation discussion: Corporate Membership

Co-Moderators: Chris Katopis & Rob McInnes
Subjects to cover (in whole or in part):

    • Dues;
    • Diversify advertising, subscriptions, sponsorship, other?
    • Meetings
    • Benchmarks within LES, outside LES
10:45 am Coffee Break in Foyer
11:00 am Topic 3 Update on our Value Proposition to our Members and discussion
  • Meetings: Fiona Nicolson and Co-Chair: Laura McDonald (Co-Chair: Hayley)
    • Role of International Meetings
    • LESI/National Societies constraints
  • Publications: Hector Chagoya (co-Chair) and Rodolfo Martinez (co-Chair)
    • Les Nouvelles, Global News, Surveys
    • Les Nouvelles cover redesign
    • Special Theme Issues
    • Digital Strategy
  • Communications: Omer Hiziroglu
    • Website:
      • Is it useful
      • Destination to go to
      • Integration. Single sign-on, log in to our website…
      • Others
      • Social Media
      • Costs
    • Others: assistance to smaller societies to help them get their website up and other ways to help.
  • Education: Martin Schneider (Co-Chair: Janet Pioli)
    and special guest Thomas Bereuter (EPO)
    • Regular offerings:
      • are they needed? How should they be produced? (Example of LESI-EPO Collaboration)
      • how to harness the value of the LES diversity?
    • Online offerings:
      • Are they worth the investment?
      • What should be the role of LESI and National Societies?
    • Special Events: Beijing SIPO, EPO events
    • Others?
  • ERC - Public Relations/: Chair: Audrey Yap
    • Evolving role of the ERP
    • Press releases; Press release policy?
  • Discussion Leader/Moderator: Arnaud Michel
1:00 pm LUNCH in Foyer
2:00 pm Topic 4 Our "New" Committee Strategy (LESI committees)

Presenter: John Paul

  • Revisiting our committee structure:
    • Are all the business committees needed?
  • New vs old themes
  • Discussion
2:45 pm Topic 5 Perspectives from Current and Past Presidents and

Moderator: Patricia Bunye
Presenters: All Past President with key discussion leaders, Peter Chrocziel, Hector Chagoya, Brian O'Shaugnessy, Arnaud Michel
(Follow up on prior topics)

3:45 pm Coffee Break in Foyer
4:15 pm Topic 6 Update on the Young Members Congress

Presenter Natalie Raffoul, Chair, Young Members Congress Thomas Gaunt

  • Discussion: how to grow the YMC Congress at the National/Regional level
5:00 pm Recap/Administrative Announcements
  • Concluding Remarks
5.30 pm
End of Session
7:30 pm WPM Dinner
Restaurant Vestibül, Universitätsring 2, 1010 Wien, Austria

For any additional questions about the WPM events, please contact Chris Katopis at ckatopis@lesi.org

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