January 19, 2013

  • Roll Call, Introduction and Approval of Minutes of Board TC of 17  December 2012 and Extraordinary TC 28 December 2012 (5 minutes)
  • Report on Progress of Finance RFP (CK)  (10 minutes)
  • Report on Progress of Administration RFP (CK)  (20 minutes)
  • Report on Progress of Office Move (CK & KN)  (15 minutes)
  • Preliminary 2012 Budget Figures (JS) (25 minutes)
  • Proposed 2013 Budget Figures (JS) (60 minutes)
  • GTIF 2013/2014  - including GTIF 2014 Committee (JN HC YC) (15 minutes)
  • Rio Report (CK)  (10 minutes)
  • APEC Co-operation (CK & KN) 10 minutes)
  • LESI Committee Issues/Oversight (KN) (5 minutes)
  • LESI Awards Committee (JW) (5 minutes)
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Directors & Officers Insurance (CK) (5 minutes)
  • Other Business 
  • Next Meeting

Note on Reports Circulated

Attached to this Agenda are the following Reports

A1       two sets of Minutes
A5       which also partly addresses A%
A6       The proposed budget for discussion (plus A6 and three A6 A Appendices  relating to comments by Member Societies)
A7       GTIF 2013
A7       GTIF 2014
A8       Rio Report
A12     which also partly covers items 2, 3, 4, 9 and 13

Explanation Notes

(where specific action required)

  1. Approval of Minutes.

Minutes of Board TC of 17 December 2012 and Extraordinary TC 28 December 2012were circulated by The Board Secretary.  A request was made for all corrections/additions or deletions to be sent to the Board Secretary by end of day 16 January 2013.   No changes received by that date. Time allotted here is based on the presumption that no objections exist. 

Action needed: Second and approve the attached minutes.

  • Administration RFP

Depending on update, a proposal may be raised.

  • GTIF 2013/2014

Proposals and recommendations regarding the GTIF awards to be presented have been received.
Also proposal regarding the GTIF dates for 2014 and related events (including(NPC) have been received. Membership of the 2014 Committee is also to be finalised.

Action needed: Second and approve these recommendations.

  • APEC Cooperation

Depending on update, a proposal may be raised.

  • LESI Committee Issues/Oversight.
  • No Other Committees issues signalled for discussion
  • LESI Awards Committee

A proposal to introduce new awards has been received.

Action needed: Subject to discussion, second and approve the recommendations of the Awards Committee..

  • Next Meeting

Action needed: Establishing time and date of next Board Meeting (TC) – most likely late February.

Adjunct Reports for 19 January Meeting
of the
Board of Directors
LES International

Adjunct Reports (with prefix B1) received from Board Members including related Committee activity are attached:

  • JM
  • JW
  • JS (see also A5)
  • K McK
  • FP
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