Licensing Executives Society

LES is a world-wide non-profit association of licensing professionals with the aim of helping its members gain knowledge, acquire skills and make contacts with their counterparts around the world.

LES Scandinavia is a regional society of LES International and registered in Norway under org. nr. 984 228 309. LES Scandinavia is not liable to VAT.

LES Scandinavia has the pleasure of inviting you to LES Scandinavia Annual Conference taking place at Hotel Norge in Bergen, Norway on 25-27 September 2022.

This conference is a must for innovators, licensing and IP experts, technologists, lawyers and business leaders from the Nordic countries dealing with intellectual property. It is for those who want to deepen their understanding on technology trends, licensing business and various forms of intellectual property. And for those who want to network with recognized experts and colleagues in an international setting. The conference theme this year is IP & sustainability, focusing on how IP owners may utilize their IP towards a greener future. We are now happy to share the program and speakers, which includes some of the leading academic scholars, practitioners and in-house counsels from across Scandinavia.

Join us to listen, learn and share experiences with Scandinavian and international top experts and visionaries!

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(Early bird rates apply until 27 June 2022)