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The Task Force is considering changing the content of its present Educational Offerings to bring them in line with current educational “Best Practices” and to provide them with a measure of coherency and consistency.

The Task Force is considering starting a Program whereby LESI would offer: (1) “Certificates of Completion” for each LESI Course offered; and (2) a “Certificate of Educational Merit” to Candidates who earn a specific number of “credits” by attending, in a period of three (3) consecutive years, the following: (a) LESI IAM100; (b) LESI IAM200; (c) additional courses offered by an LES Member Society which has been approved by LESI for these purposes; (d) Workshops and sessions held at the LESI Annual Conference; and (e) Workshops and sessions held at LES Member Society Conferences and Meetings.

The Task Force is considering recommending the development and institution of a Program for the recruitment, training and active participation of instructors and trainers.

The Task Force is considering recommending the restructuring and rebranding of the Educational Committee into a three-member Administrative Board, each member of which will serve for three years and the terms of which are to be phased in and staggered so that incoming LESI Presidents will always be able to nominate at least one member of the Board during her/his term.  The Board would be charged with strategic oversight and management of the further development of the LESI educational programs and curriculum.  The Board would further be charged with establishing and maintaining instructor training and development.

Finally, the Task Force is further considering recommending that an “Advisory Board” be established of three non-paid volunteers, external or internal to LES but professionals in the education field to serve as Advisors to the Education Committee’s Board.  The purpose of this Advisory Board would be as a resource of professional advice and assistance and NOT oversight. 


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