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Les Nouvelles - March 2012 -Compulsory Licenses Under Australian Patents
Les Nouvelles - March 2012 -Compulsory Licenses Under Australian Patents, Rodney DeBoos Compulsory Licenses Under Australian Patents
les Nouvelles Article of the Month November 2022
les Nouvelles Article of the Month November 2022, Menu les Nouvelles November 2022 Article of the Month: Patent Value: Scoring Patents Using Characteristics Of Patents In Litigation Christopher K. Larus Partner, Administrative Officer Robins Kaplan LLP Minneapolis, MN, USA I. Introduction Not all patents, of patent value can provide important tools for screening portfolios to identify those patents, of similar patents. As discussed below, we developed a model predicting the likelihood
Recent US Decisions And Developments Affecting Licensing - June 2008
Les Nouvelles, Intellectual property/IP, Intellectual property rights, Ownership, Property rights, Transfer Under U.S. law, patents are granted to the inventors of the patents, who, like other patent owners, typically transfer ownership of their patents by an assignment. U.S. patent law generally requires that such assignments be in writing, but the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit held that ownership of a patent may be transferred
Patent Valuation Techniques
Les Nouvelles, Intellectual property/IP, Patent, R&D, Valuation There is no question that patents have become one of the leading drivers of wealth generation, is the foundation for a company’s success in the marketplace. Understanding the value of your patents, that are taken in a typical patent valuation. One of the first things determined when valuing patents, party has an interest in the value of the patents. For example, the tax authorities will want to know
Value And Quality Based Patent Portfolio Management
Les Nouvelles, Intellectual asset management, Intellectual asset(s), Patent, Portfolio Patents have taken over additionally to their original function of protecting their own innovative achievements in the industrial area against copying more and more, the patents are increasingly also used as sources of income through licensing or patent sales as bargaining, was proportional to the R&D expenses but as a consequence of the shift in the importance of patents since
Patents As Assets And Liabilities Patents Can Serve Various Purposes
Patents As Assets And Liabilities Patents Can Serve Various Purposes, Les Nouvelles, Intellectual asset(s), Intellectual property/IP, License/licensing/licence, Patent The current trend of characterising patents as assets entails a risk: when considering the economic aspects of patents it tends to restrict the scope of analysis to the patent rights owned by the company and their valuation. However for a company which owns and exploits patents in its business an evaluation taking into account patent assets alone is seriously
What Is Patent Quality A Merchant Bancs Perspective
Les Nouvelles, Education, Intellectual property/IP, Patent, Research, Utility patent, Valuation, Quality The question “What is Patent Quality?” is one that has long been answered not by the authors of this paper but by the marketplace itself. It has been defined by the actions of patent holders in their decisions to maintain patents of quality and abandon patents of lesser quality and value. Ownership of quality patents has been rewarded by both public
les Nouvelles - 2010
les Nouvelles - 2010, Menu les Nouvelles - 2010 December | September | June, , please login to access the articles. les Nouvelles - December 2010 Les Nouvelles, manage their patents? (?) PDF, 155.16, most important, the increased status of patents and their recognition as a valuable income-producing, for approximately 7,000 patents applications per year, and conclude cumulatively more than 5,000 cases
FRAND Undertakings In Standardization A Business Perspective
Les Nouvelles, FRAND, License/Licensing/Licence, Organization/organization This paper discusses the business reasoning for the practice whereby standard development organizations (SDOs) require undertakings to license Essential patents on fair reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms (FRAND undertakings) as a condition of approving standard specifications
Patenting Software In The European Union
Les Nouvelles The motivation for writing this commentary, comes from the general misconception, that computer programs (also known as software) are not protected in the European Union (EU) and its Member countries, by the Law of Patents. Such mistaken belief is based on the ground that Article 52 (2) of the European Patent Convention (EPC) excludes computer programs “as such” to be a patentable subject matter