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EPO Cooperation
, technology transfer experts, publicly funded research organisations, IP advisors, innovation, to enhance the visibility of intellectual property and its protection, transfer and commercialisation, countries, and create favourable conditions, where applicable, for the protection, transfer and best use of technology. ### Committees & Community LES, les Nouvelles Online | Member Directory | Event Calendar | LESI
les Nouvelles - June 2018
les Nouvelles - June 2018, . (?) PDF, 198.88 KB Can A Technology Transfer Office, . While some reasons for lack of licenses can be remedied or at least minimized by technology transfer, International Technology Transfer Contracts In Egypt: Practical Considerations From The Perspective, the parties’ autonomy in a technology transfer contract is subject to the restrictions imposed by the Egyptian Commercial Code, which contains a specific chapter on the transfer of technology. One
les Nouvelles - March 2013
les Nouvelles - March 2013, . (?) PDF, 314.30 KB Technology Transfer’s Twenty-Five Percent, 25% rule, technology transfer’s 25% rule. Technology Transfer’s 25% Rule states that:Technology, Boom Or Bust—How To Structure Technology Transfer For Success Brian Cummings, , 278.68 KB If The Sky Were The Limit, What Would You Do In Technology Transfer? Gary, Menu les Nouvelles - March 2013 les Nouvelles
les Nouvelles - September 2020
les Nouvelles - September 2020, To Today’s Technology Transfer Mojdeh Bahar and Robert Griesbach, are important and unique features of the U.S. agricultural system. Extension outreach and technology transfer, have also been mirrored in many of the technology transfer legislation and policies. One could argue that extension was the first form of technology transfer in the United States. Moreover, extension's, Menu les Nouvelles - September 2020 Join LESI in its
les Nouvelles - March 2023
les Nouvelles - March 2023, Communicate The Value And Impact Of Academic Technology Transfer And Knowledge Exchange Activities, To The December Special Issue On The Role And Contribution Of Multi- Institutional Technology Transfer Offices, to Multi-Institutional Technology Transfer Offices (MiTTOs). While we had hoped that our research had, Experience of Technology Transfer By Colm Lawler and James G. Ryan, The Origins Of Organized Technology Transfer In India: The NRDC Story By Premnath
Engineering Transportation and Physical Science Committee
in the engineering, transportation and physical sciences industries who have licensing/technology transfer as part, /technology transfer as a significant part of their agenda and to implement the Outreach strategy, an LES Workshop and Webinar on key licensing/technology transfer issues for the industry moderated, one publication in les Nouvelles Populate and maintain the Committee pages on the LESI Website, Member Society)[Les Nouvelles] To be Announced (LES Member Society)[Webinars] To be Announced (LES
les Nouvelles Article of the Month February 2013
les Nouvelles Article of the Month February 2013, Menu les Nouvelles Article of the Month U.S. Academic Technology Transfer, to download) Abstract The primary mission of U.S. academic technology transfer offices (TTOs) has, years since passage of the Bayh-Dole Act, many successful technology transfer (TT) operating models, to these needs. At a macro level, the effectiveness of university technology transfer and the Bayh, template for technology transfer that all institutions should attempt to model" (NRC Report). Even
les Nouvelles Article of the Month April 2020
les Nouvelles Article of the Month April 2020, the world have become interested in university technology transfer because transferring the knowledge, members. B. Getting researchers involved in technology transfer (TT) related activities It is sometimes difficult to engage university researchers in technology transfer activities because many, generally in Knowledge Technology Transfer (KTT) related activities. As an example, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of University of Geneva looks for applied research groups able
les Nouvelles - September 2007
les Nouvelles - September 2007, Shocks the Technology Transfer Community in MedImmune v. Genentech by Irving N. Feit, les Nouvelles les Nouvelles - September 2007 Les Nouvelles, Of Technology: An Experiential Model by Mirjam Leloux and Aard Groen Antitrust Roundup, les Nouvelles Online | Member Directory | Event Calendar | LESI Committees
March 2008
by Tobias Kaufmann In-Transfer And Domestication Of Technology In The Arab Region, les Nouvelles les Nouvelles - March 2008 Les Nouvelles - March, , Jamie Wilson and Challenges To Technology And Opportunities For Licensing by Gus G, les Nouvelles Online | Member Directory | Event Calendar | LESI