les Nouvelles - September 2006

Hong Kong’s Role in Structuring a Successful International License Agreement Between China and the Rest of the World

Alice Ngan

Director of the Research and Technology Office of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Kenneth R. Allen

Partner, Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP, USA

Daz Wong

Partner Insight Intellectual Property Limited, China

China has undergone drastic economic transformation since 1978. In the past it was regarded as merely a place for cheap labor. A lot of manufacturing was done in China for export to the rest of the world and it is still a major world manufacturing site. Then multinational corporations noticed the untapped reservoir of talent for research and development in China. As a result many R&D centers were established with sponsorship from these corporations in state owned enterprises or state owned laboratories or universities. Now it is also widely recognized that China is a major consumer market that should not be overlooked. It follows that intellectual property and technology related transactions are on the rise.

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