Observations In The Aerospace And Transportation Industry

By William H. Pratt and Annemarie Meike

William H. Pratt

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLC

Annemarie Meike

Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

The Aerospace and Transportation industrial subsector differs from many of the other High Tech industry subsectors in its composition: primarily industry OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and predominantly mature multinational industries. The concerns of these industry OEMs are different than smaller companies, centering around antitrust, export control and other government regulations, and issues of international law. The stakeholders involved in these processes have different requirements than those of less mature market sectors. However, sometimes the resultant solutions, though inspired by these specific circumstances, are applicable beyond them. This article examines two topics: How Intellectual Property is Handled Under U.S. Government Contracts & Licensing Agreements, and U.S. Industry and U.S. Manufacturing Requirement Preference Concepts of U.S. Government Patent Policy.

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