Agreements On Research Cooperation Between Industry And University In Germany—Revised “Berlin Contract”

by Heinz Goddar and Hermann Mohnkopf

Heinz Goddar

Boehmert & Boehmert, Patent Attorney, Munich, Germany

Hermann Mohnkopf

RollsRoyce, Deutschland, IP Counsel, Blakenfelde-Mahlow

In les Nouvelles 2003, pp. 176–183, the authors have reported on components for agreements relating to research cooperation between industries and universities in Germany, generally known, since then, as the “Berlin Contract.” The model solutions according to the “Berlin Contract” had been found, under the patronage of IPAL Gesellschaft für Patentverwertung Berlin mbH, the central Technology Exploitation Office of the universities based in Berlin, Germany, and other institutions, by a number of IP and licensing experts from both the university and industry side, amongst them the authors of this article.

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