les Nouvelles - September 2014

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New Age Intellectual Property: Emerging Global Benefits

By Lawrence J. Udell

Intellectual Property International, LLC

I originally wrote this article in the year 2000, which was a hectic time, especially with the potential disruption of it being the start of a new century and how would "modern" technology survive in the dilemma of Y2K and the new millennium. Well it did and we all gained a better knowledge of the high-tech world.As I now look back at the exciting times that I have lived through over the past 83 years this article today has a significant new meaning. Since the introduction of the internet, intellectual property has not only found its special place in the world economic markets, but also is steadily establishing new values and new business opportunities. Hundreds of companies have been created over the last decade for the sole purpose of selling, licensing and transferring new technologies.

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