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Global Technology Impact Forum (GTIF) "Impact Initiatives: Socially-Responsible Investment Approaches"

The field of “impact investing”, which applies venture capital approaches to achieve social impact objectives, has developed over the last 5-10 years into a specialist sub-field, with the implementation of a variety of fund structures and approaches. Impact investment funds aim to apply VC-based approaches, but to relax one or more standard constraints (e.g. required return), in order to foster effective growth of new ventures and the accomplishment of social impact objectives.

Several US groups pioneered these approaches, and there has been a rise in the number of funds (and total investment) in this field in Europe, in recent years. This type of activity complements more traditional social impact financing (e.g. funding for socially-oriented business such as housing associations).

As the financial investment and asset management community continues to witness a rapid growth of interest in environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) funds, reflecting increasing end-consumer concern about environmental and social development issues, it is timely to assess current trends.

This webinar will reflect the different financial models that are being applied creatively, across countries, in order to satisfy investment and impact objectives, and to advance best practice in this emerging field.

Expert Panelists/Speakers:
  • Lonnie Rosenwald (US) – 360 Degree Law (USA)
  • Mike Johnson, St George St Capital (UK)
  • Johan Moyoersen, Impact Licensing Initiative (Belgium)

This event is free to participants.

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