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LESI and LES Italy "5G & Patents"

5G & Patents. Why is 5G considered a disruptive technology? How can intellectual property covering 5G technologies increase investment and promote greater innovation?

As new technological paradigms arrive, new challenges arise. 5G is more complex than previous mobile generations with new requirements for new and different use cases using wireless networks in “connected cars,” Industry 4.0, agriculture, medicine, etc. Sales of 5G devices will grow to $668 billion globally in 2026 – and increase from $5.5 billion this year according to Allied Market Research. 5G also will be a new opportunity to use Intellectual Property as a key tool for promoting innovation.  

The webinar (hosted by LESI & LES Italy) will cover:
- Why 5G is so different from 4G?
- What is the impact in key fields, such as the automotive sector (impact in sales, V2X - communications…)?
- What are the different scenarios for 5G patents licensing?
- What impact has COVID-19 had on 5G deployment?

ModeratorLuis Ignacio Vicente del Olmo (ASTI Mobile Robotics & Pons IP)

- Sonja London (NOKIA)
- Matteo Sabattini (Ericsson)
- John Carney (LES USA & Automotive Sector)

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