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LESI YMC "Behind the Scenes with Solight & Gömböc"

SOLIGHT QWNN and GÖMBÖC LIGHT are the YMC Tournament’s special select gifts and YMC pledged to raise awareness of these fascinating products this year.

In an interview like webinar, Georgina Busku, Chair of LESI YMC will raise questions to two extraordinary Inventors, namely ALICE CHUN, Founder of Solight Design and GÁBOR DOMOKOS, Mathematician and Inventor of Gömböc. She will request them to share their ‘behind the scene stories’, talk about their products, and all IP related challenges they had to and are still having to face, and to also share with us what are they focusing on these days. By the end of the discussion the audience will realize how unique these two products are!

The YMC Tournament has also reached its half term so the stakes are high, the competition is intense and the submission of the Ultimate Project is due on November 8th. During the interview DAVID DREWS, Editor of Les Nouvelles, will be already in the possession of the articles and will give us some sneak peeks on the topics chosen by the Contestants and information on how and when we will be able to read them.

This webinar is for YMCs and YMC Tournament Contestants, but we are sure that any other LESI members will spend an enjoyable hour in good company, hearing about innovation success stories, and different perspectives.

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