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LESI Thought Leadership Program - Track 1 (SEPs Licensing), Session #3: SEPs and WiFi

#3 SEPs and WiFi

This next session in Track 1 of the LESI Thought Leadership Program discusses: SEP licensing in the Wi-Fi space: how to remove friction in a market of 3 billion devices a year.

• Alan Fan, Huawei (moderator)
• Mattia Fogliacco, Sisvel
• Kaoru Takagahara, Panasonic
• Jako Eleveld, Philips
• Jin Sam Kwak, Wilus

A final online session will take place on March 9 and will discuss Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), and then we close out this track in person at LESI2023 in Montreal (in person!) focus on the key take-aways from our year-long discussions. (Register for LESI 2023 at www.lesi2023.org)

Huge thanks to our track sponsors SISVEL and Qualcomm for their support and participation in this program!

This event is only open to current LES members. If you are not currently a member of a local LES Society, we encourage you to join (view the list of LES Societies HERE)! If you are not ready to join LES, you can purchase a package for the LESI Thought Leadership Program (all three tracks) for $200 USD. Please contact the LESI Admin Office at NNE@lesi.org to register for this package.

Register here!

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