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LESI, LES Britain & Ireland and LES Germany "Valuation of Brands in a World of Data Analytics"

The importance of intangible assets and IP, particularly brands, as a value driver for businesses has never been greater in an ever increasing digital and e-commerce world driven by data.  Brand recognition, differentiation, strength and value are more critical than ever before, for businesses to succeed.

The LESI IP Valuation Committee, together with the LES Britain & Ireland and LES Germany IPV Committees, would like to welcome you to a webinar on the importance of the valuation of brands and current trends in a world of data analytics. The Committee will also welcome an external guest, Lewis Whiting, CEO of iaidō, who will discuss how data analytics can be presented to brand-owners who want to track the effectiveness of their trademark portfolio and brands by blending real-time consumer purchasing patterns with their brand IP.

- Dr André Gorius (Chair of LESI IPV Committee)
- Dr Fernando Vasconcellos (Chair of LES B&I IPV Committee)
- Dr Anke Nestler (Chair of LES Germany IPV Committee)
- Lewis Whiting, CEO at iaidō

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