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LESI Trademarks, Designs & Merchandising Committee "Trademarks and Brands in the Metaverse"

The Multiverse has featured widely in future predictions for where digital innovations will take us next, creating a landscape both confusing and richly rewarding if you know how to navigate it that could transform the way we work, socialise, and more online.

In this session, the following will be discussed:

  • What the Multiverse is – or could be?
  • Web 3.0 vs. the Multiverse: what’s the difference?
  • Early Multiverse activity and positioning that we are already seeing in the market 
  • Some of the big Branding & Licensing issues and challenges that it raises, from IP to regulation, safeguarding and the future of work

Read about the Speakers here.

Join LESI’s Trademarks, Designs & Merchandising Committee for an open, provocative, and hopefully engaging discussion on what the future holds.

This event is free to participants.

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