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LESI Copyright Licensing Committee & LES Singapore Webinar "Sports & Intellectual Property: Challenges and Perspectives"

Many of us would agree that sports itself, and not only sports equipment and apparels, is an industry. However, it plays more than a pure economical role for many countries. We can think of the pride a nation has when one of its athlete wins a medal at the Olympics. It has unifying and uplifting effects. There is also the health aspect to consider. This is the reason why countries build sports facilities and insurance companies work on incentives for their policy holders to join gyms.

Like all industries, there are many facets. The law applicable would reflect this. They range from employment law, doping and other regulations, associations, contract and intellectual property. From the monetization perspective, beyond the contracts defining what spectators and others can do in the stadium, intellectual property is the most important. This is why countries should consider intellectual property law as a tool to promote sports. Revenue helps sports organizations, profit and non-profit, to be sustainable.

The LESI Copyright Licensing Committee & LES Singapore have the privilege of Prof. Jacques de Werra, the author of WIPO’s “Reference Guide to Sustaining Sport and Its Development Through Intellectual Property Rights” joining the session to discuss the WIPO Guide and the subject of sports & IP.

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