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LESI Women in Licensing Alliance (WILA) & LESI Young Members Congress (YMC) "Imposter syndrome – is it getting in the way?"


Imposter syndrome, identified in 1978 by social psychologists at Georgia State University, is the phenomenon of believing oneself to be undeserving of their achievements, awards and accomplishments. The self‐doubt and fear of being exposed can undermine even the most capable of us, but imposter syndrome does not have to hold us back in life or work. This workshop looks at how to build your confidence as you work through your career successes and failures, realising that confidence is a journey. Daniel Goleman describes healthy confidence being a high sense of self‐awareness with a true understanding of what you are good at so we will focus on that!

LESI WILA’s 3rd Webinar in the 2021‐2022 Speakers Series (co‐hosted by LESI YMC) workshop will share tips and techniques on how to beat Imposter Syndrome by combining interaction, developing self‐awareness and specific actionable steps along with understanding what this phenomenon is.

Guest Speaker: Caroline Donaldson, Kynesis Coaching

Caroline has extensive experience of working with senior teams and bringing out talent at all levels within an organisation. She has a keen interest in the behavioural aspects of executive and board development, which is supported by over 30 years’ experience as an executive coach. (

Professional Background
“I believe that each of us have enormous potential and I see my purpose as helping my client tap into their talents and be all they can be”
Caroline is passionate about leadership and sees her purpose is to help the executive she is coaching meet their goals and objectives and provide support as they develop.
Caroline’s background combines over 30 years of consultancy with senior line management experience in Operations, Sales, Human Resources and Retail in blue chip organisations. Her experience has contributed enormously to both her level of skill and ability to operate at senior levels, as well as her professional and personal development.

Clients and Sectors
Caroline has worked with over 300 UK-based companies across all sectors, carrying out a variety of projects within global FTSE listed companies to SME’s and charities. Her clients include Forth Ports, NHS, local Councils, Centrica, The Tavistock Institute, Scottish Government, Oracle, KPMG, RBS, Scot Rail, WSP, Aker Kvaerner, De Beers

This event is free to participants.

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