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Standard Contracts

This Ad-Hoc Committee will include a member appointed by each IPR committee and the chair will be appointed by the Board of Directors.  The committee will identify or develop standard license contracts capable of use in all countries.  The goal would be to publish form license agreements of general application in most countries for patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret/know-how and hybrid licenses, with appropriate substitution provisions and explanations.  Where the committee identifies and wishes to incorporate a standard contract from another source, it will obtain permission to use and publish it.  The committee will present an outline of its proposed publication to the Board of Delegates at its final meeting in 2010 and will present a publication by the last meeting in 2013.  Unless extended, the committee will expire at the end of 2013.


The goals of the Standard Contracts Committee for 2011-2012 include the following:

  • To present recommended standard licensing contract terms to LES membership through workshops, webinars and les Nouvelles articles.

Committee Leadership



  • To be Determined [Workshops]
  • To be Determined [Webinars]
  • To be Determined [les Nouvelles]

Board Liaison

  • François Painchaud (LESI Past President)

Past President Advisor

  • To be Determined
Contact the Chair - Lynda Covello,
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