About LESI
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LESI Chapter Issues Survey –
for Volunteer Chapter Leaders

  1. What are the mission and vision of LES (chapter name)?
  2. Do you have a strategic plan for the society?  When was it developed?  When was it last revised?
  3. Does the chapter hold regularly scheduled meetings and events? If so, please describe.
  4. Is the chapter involved in government relations or policy making? Describe.
  5. What types of membership outreach and recruitment activities are used?
  6. What is the composition of the membership between lawyers and business professionals?
  7. What are the most signfiant industry sectors to target for LES membership?
  8. Does the chapter work with any external audiences, including the media or related organizations?  Describe.
  9. What is the current Board structure?  Are there specific roles and responsibilities assigned to Board members?  Is there a succession plan or term limits for elected leaders?
  10. Are there any working groups or committees established?  If so, please list.
  11. Does the chapter have adequate financial resources?  Who is responsible for managing the chapter’s revenue and expenses?
  12. What assistance would you like to recieve from LESI?
  13. Do you have the information tools (brochures, publications, applications, benefits of membership) necessary to grow your chapter?
  14. What are the country’s most significant technology-based industry sectors?
  15. How prevalent is licensing within the domestic economy?
  16. Rate how well the national legal system supports intellectual property rights (1 = low support; 5 = high support).
  17. How well does the business environment support technology commercialization (through licensing or other means)?  (1 = low support; 5 = high support)
  18. What are the most important licensing issues for your members (legal, policy, business, economic)?
  19. Are local universities active in Tech Transfer?  Is there a related organziation?
  20. What is your view of the ideal mix of legal and business members in your chapter?
  21. Why do members join LES (chapter name)?
  22. What are the most important benefits (compare to member survey answers) of LES membership?