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Licensing Pioneer Lawrence J. Udell Named 2015 Frank Barnes Mentor Award Winner by Licensing Executives Society (USA & Canada)

Award to be presented during Society's Annual Meeting, Oct. 25-28 in New York

WASHINGTON, July 15, 2015 – Lawrence J. Udell, renowned technology inventor, lecturer and creator of more than 40 new ventures, has been named the 2015 Frank Barnes Mentor Award recipient by the Licensing Executives Society (USA & Canada), Inc. The award will be presented during the Society's upcoming Annual Meeting, October 25-28 in New York, NY www.lesannual.org.

The Frank Barnes Mentor Award was established in 2000 to memorialize Frank Barnes' extraordinary contributions to the field of licensing through mentorship. In his honor, the award is given annually to an LES member who has contributed significantly to the field of licensing and to the development of fellow licensing professionals through outstanding mentorship activities.

"Larry Udell was nominated by six licensing executives, whom he mentored, which is another record for nominations. These execs represent hundreds, whom Larry has mentored during his more than 50-year, stellar licensing career," says Bill Mattson, Chair of the Frank Barnes Award Nominating Committee. "Further, Larry has established and expanded the LES Western geographic footprint through his organizational and mentoring efforts; he is a real pioneer in licensing and mentoring."

Mr. Udell recently celebrated his 84th birthday and still works a minimum of 10-1/2 hours every day. "I have a very high energy level and have more fun every day than anyone I know," says Mr. Udell.

He has been an active member of the Licensing Executives Society since 1982 and is the founder and chairman emeritus of the Silicon Valley Chapter of LES www.les-svc.org. He also resurrected the San Francisco Chapter five years ago. He is the founder and chairman of the California Invention Center (1995) www.CaliforniaInventionCenter.org and Intellectual Property International LLC (1998) www.i-p-i.co, and serves as Senior Consultant to General Patent Corporation and Vice President of American Innovators for Patent Reform.

Mr. Udell provides consulting to both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies and lectures frequently at inventor, corporate and government functions throughout the U.S. and for the USPTO. He has also served as a United Nations (WIPO) representative on creating programs for economic development and diversity in several countries.

Recently, Mr. Udell was appointed as adjunct faculty at New Mexico Tech www.nmt.edu at the Center for Leadership and Technology Commercialization. He has also served as a lecturing professor at the University of California-Berkeley and at UC Davis campus teaching a course on Technology Transfer and Commercialization, plus other universities in the U.S. and Canada. He has created and taught New Ventures and Entrepreneurship courses for over 40 years, with lectures that focus on Entrepreneurship in America. More than 50 of his articles have appeared in publications nationally and internationally.

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