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One further Proposition

  • In addition to the foregoing, the Task Force would also like to receive opinion and comment on a proposal for LESI to grow by means other than simply adding members in the “old fashion” way.

    The proposal is that LESI should consider expanding by absorption of other organizations who are sharing the same topics of interest.  This absorption may be through LESI leading a consortium, or by buying-out or otherwise absorbing such organization.  The absorbed organization could then be either integrated into LESI, brought in as a separate entity or have some other status within LESI.
    The proposition is in response to the observation that there are many associations that are sharing the same topics of interest (topics related to tech or knowledge transfer). Most of those associations have been created due to a lack of satisfaction with the established organizations, including LES.

    The proposition is that LESI should think more strategically and speak with ones who may be looking to be absorbed or join an LESI-led consortium.  This could be done country by country so that not all chapters would need to agree to do it.  The goal would to eventually create ideally one large organization or a federation of associations led by LESI or locally by the local LES Chapter.

    Go comment!