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Jean-Christophe Troussel
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LESI Management Committee                    
Education Committee -Martin Schneider
-Janet Piolo
                Audrey Yap
LESI IPR Committee                    
Consumer Products  Junko Sugimura                 Audrey Yap
(EECM) Environment Energy
Materials Chemicals
-Rashid Khan
-Tanja Sovic
                Rob McInnes
High Technology -Keith Lutsch
-Alfred Yip
-Sonja London
                Russell Levine
Life Sciences Gary Keller                 Rob McInnes
Copyright Licensing -Abraham Alegria
-Ken McKay
                Russell Levine
Dispute Resolution
Tilman Müller-Stoy
Industry University & Government Transactions Laura MacDonald                  
IP Valuation
André Gorius
                John Paul
Patent and Trademark Licensing (PTL) Patrick Terroir                 Kwang Jun Kim
Trademarks, Designs, and Merchandising Stefan Voelker                 Russell Levine
Americas Veronica Canese                 Russell Levine
Asia Pacific -Yu Sarn Chiew
-Ningling Wan
                Ichiro Nakatomi
European -Emmanuel Gougé
-Jose Miguel Lissen
                Jean-Christophe Troussel
YMC Natalie Raffoul                 Jean-Christophe Troussel