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(Template for Committee’s Annual Report)

[Name] Committee

Annual Report for 2012-2014

Chair(s) –
Chair –
Vice-Chair –
Vice-Chair –
Board Liaison –

The aim of the [Name] Committee is [Complete].

Progress made towards our assigned goals [Complete].

The [Name] Committee organized and held [XX] Workshops in the past year, [X] at the LESI Annual Conference on [“Title”] and [“Title”] and [X] at the LES USA/Canada Annual Conference on [“Title”].  In addition, the Committee organized [2] publications for Les Nouvelles on [“Title”] and conducted a webinar for all LES Member Socieites on [“Title”] .  Additional activities of the Committee included [enumerate].

Meetings of the Committee’s General Membership were held at the LESI Annual Conference and at the LES USA/Canada Annual Conference.

Membership continues to grow from [##] at the start of the Chair’s term to [##] at the end of the same term.  Membership remained diverse with all major geographic regions being represented on both the Committee’s Board and among its General Membership.

New Chairs and Vice-Chairs for incoming year will be [Names and positions].